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Go fast or slow?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

"In truth I suspect that merely slowing down is not a very satisfying answer. What I need has less to do with my pace of life than my peace of life. At any speed, I crave a deep and lasting inner peace. And if it's solace I'm after, I don't need to pace myself like a turtle, change jobs or set up house on a quiet island. It is usually frenetic living, not high energy, that robs my peace of mind." - Steve Goodier

I often caught myself speeding up or slowing down, or at a sustainable pace throughout my days, and really appreciate myself for being able to do that. Sometimes I feel like I'm going too slow with all my plans and steps towards my goals, then I feel I push of motivation to urge my needs to take action. And then there are times I feel like I've been running too fast and needed to slow down my pace, to breathe, to really absorb what I've achieved in many forms.

In the previous post, I talked about comparing the journeys of ours and others, also about the pace of them. We should be in power of deciding how fast or how slow we want to achieve our goals, what matter more are what we gain along the way, not reaching the destination of those goals. We shouldn't feel the rush to achieve but the excitement to enjoy and learn in the progress. How fast or how slow, you'll know it best if you listen to what yourself truly need in the moment. But no matter what speed you decide to go with at what moment in your life, you should still to be able to absorb the process to it's best, being in the moment and not let the time be wasted by locking in a robot mode.

We are in this together, but we are also by ourselves. We grow together, but it doesn't mean it has to be at the same speed, start at the same line, or finish at the same destination.

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